Large scale data-driven Information
Automation Platform

Exentriq large scale data-driven information automation platform ensures successful transformation, end to end automation as well as innovation and change management programs.

Exentriq allows seamless orchestration of resources and creation of cross-functional teams across departments, companies and geographies

End to end data driven Automation Workflow.

Information Discovery and Knowledge Management Services.

Unified Internal and Outbound Communication Services.

Cloud Content Orchestration and Digital Presence Management.

Robotic Workforce Roll Out, Operation, Supervision and Performance Control.

Data Driven Supply Dynamics and Ecosystem Governance.

Actionable Information and Automated Triggers.

Cross Functional Teams across Departments, Companies and Geographies.

Exentriq is the Platform for the automation of business processes that contains both Human and Machine actions

Automation, Collaboration and Discovery Made Simple


End To End Data-Driven Automation and Workflow


Information Discovery and Knowledge Management Services


Unified Internal and Outbound Communication Services


Agile Collaboration & Data-Driven Process Management

Exentriq is a modern Unified Communication and Automation Platform for the Orchestration of Complex Data Driven Business Dynamics that works for Big and Small organizations

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